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A comprehensive solution for brand strategy.

Trust Deep brings clarity and simplification to your naming and brand development projects, helping you create lasting customer loyalty.

We tell your story better, so customers choose you first and more often.

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  • 25 Years of Experience
  • Award-winning Creative Team
  • Dedicated to Business Owners

A memorable name is your business’ most important brand asset. Our naming experts create unique names for small businesses and Fortune 500s. We’ll help you confidently choose a great name.


What’s your business stand for? How can you create deeper customer loyalty? We merge communication expertise with an understanding of human behavior to earn you raving fans for life.

Logo &
Visual Identity

Your customers’ brains are wired visually. Our designers help startups create eye-catching visuals and work with growing businesses to supercharge existing logos. 

Digital & Content Development

Trust Deep’s in-house team of award-winning writers create websites and content that can position you as an expert in your field, building customer trust. 

// Why choose us

We work harder for our clients

We exist to quickly solve our client’s toughest challenges.

We Are Creative

We are passionate about creating new ideas and solutions that improve how your business reaches customers, engages them and turns them into loyal advocates.

We Love Words

Founded by a writer, Trust Deep is focused on blending verbal communication with a deep understanding of how words influence people’s actions.

We Deliver Value & Results

We’re here to help you make cost-effective progress, leveraging your budget and energy. We care about our clients’ success as much as our own, and are experts at finding solutions that work for you.

We Focus On Loyalty

Trust Deep was founded as a different kind of naming and branding agency. Our skills help you build genuine trustworthiness with your audience so they become loyal customers who tell their friends about you.

We Are Big & Small

Our team has worked for the largest agencies and brands in the world. We’ve also worked with small businesses and startups. We deliver the work that world-class organizations expect with the nimbleness smaller businesses need to thrive.

We Are Real People

In a digital world where there’s a lot of artificial intelligence and even more artificial people, we stand out as a team with human hearts and brains. We care about your struggles and are dedicated to helping you solve them.

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Some of Our Favorite Work.1

Some of Our Favorite Work.1

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Listen to What Clients Say

I can say with confidence I would recommend this agency to anyone

Sabrina Samson, Director

Healthcare Company

You’ll be in good hands with Trust Deep Branding.

Karla Duckworth, CEO


They were excellent communicators who never missed a deadline.

Ann Obringer Zipkin, Creative Director

AtoZ Studio

They were also outstanding listeners and kept their goals commensurate with ours.

Constance Cervone, Founder

Cervone Deegan + Associates Coldwell Banker Realty

It was impressive how seamless the entire process was from beginning to end.

Amir Yazdani, Owner

Belly Laughs Comedy Club

They listened carefully, asked thoughtful questions, and offered frank, well-reasoned suggestions.

Anonymous, Creator

Parenting Podcast

We're impressed with their ability to quickly understand what we’re trying to do.

Anonymous, Director, Advisory

Assurance & Tax Firm

Trust Deep really tried to embed themselves into our way of thinking, and they certainly enjoyed it.

Anonymous, Former CEO & Co-Founder

Financial Services Platform

The most impressive thing about Trust Deep was their listening skills and ability to understand what we wanted.

Anonymous, Assistant Manager

Restaurant Group

I would partner with them again in a second.

Carlynne Fajkos, Owner & Founder

Tahome Marketing

Trust Deep provides an efficient process.

Michael Goff, Principal

Product Marketing, Revenera

They can balance pushing us and knowing when to defer and let us get back to them.

Eric Gulco, President

Innovo Benefits Group

We were impressed by their quick turnaround, creativity, and style.

Lizette Blackwell, Administative Assistant

PonteVita Rx

The high quality of their work and personal attentiveness is impressive.

Anonymous, President

Smoking Kills. Please Drive Safely.

I found their genuine dedication to our success most impressive.

Danny Johnson, Owner

Freedom Driven LLC


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Do you work with companies like mine?

We work with large and small businesses, startups and established companies. We have expertise in information technology, healthcare, hospitality, beverage brands, real estate, financial services and other industries. See our portfolio and case studies for work we’ve done and how we can help you.

How do I choose an agency that matches my needs?

Choosing the right branding agency is crucial for ensuring your brand’s success. Here’s the short, unbiased answer.

Choose an agency that resonates with your philosophy, offers proven expertise, values collaboration, provides strategic insights, understands your market, and promises the level of attention you need.

Here’s a fuller answer that also speaks to our key strengths.

Alignment with Core Values: Look for an agency that doesn’t just create brands, but understands and aligns with your core values. At Trust Deep, we believe that the foundation of a strong brand is built on trust and authenticity. We dive deep into what your brand stands for, ensuring that your values are not just represented but lived through every element of your brand.

Experience and Expertise: Consider the agency’s track record. With over two decades of experience, Trust Deep has honed the art of branding across various sectors. Our portfolio is a testament to our ability to deliver brands that resonate and endure.

Process and Collaboration: The best outcomes arise from a collaborative approach. We engage with you deeply to ensure that your brand’s identity is a true reflection of your vision and mission. Our process is inclusive, thorough, and designed to uncover and polish the gem that is your unique brand identity.

Strategic Thinking: A great agency brings strategic depth to the table. We’re not just about aesthetics; we’re about building strategic, lasting brand equity. Our approach merges market insights with innovative thinking to position your brand effectively in the marketplace.

Cultural and Market Understanding: If your brand operates in a diverse marketplace, you need an agency with a global perspective. Trust Deep’s understanding of cultural nuances ensures your brand connects with your audience, wherever they are.

Size and Attention: Consider whether you want to be a big fish in a small pond or the reverse. At Trust Deep, we prioritize a boutique experience, giving you the attention and bespoke service your brand deserves.

How much money should I budget for naming and branding?

Budgeting for naming and branding is an investment in your company’s future and should be approached with consideration of your business goals, market positioning, and the value you place on establishing a strong brand identity.

To arrive at a number, think about what you’re comfortable investing for services that can boost your revenue by 15-20% every year.

Here are some ranges based on work we’ve done and what we see from competitors of our size and experience Brand Development: For foundational brand strategy and identity work, you can expect to invest between $3,000 to $6,000.

Naming: A critical aspect of your brand’s identity, naming services range from $3,000 to $8,000, reflecting the research and creativity involved.

Logo and Visual Identity: To create a distinctive visual representation of your brand, budget between $5,000 and $10,000.

Comprehensive Packages: For a holistic approach, including brand development, naming, and visual identity, packages can range from $12,000 to $20,000.

Larger agencies often have higher overhead and may offer additional services, which can be reflected in their pricing. Their costs may range significantly higher, reflecting their global reach, extensive resources, and depth of process.

Remember, when budgeting for branding, you’re not just paying for a service; you’re investing in the perception and future success of your brand. The right name, story, and visual identity can set you apart in the marketplace, resonate with your target audience, and foster lasting customer loyalty.

We recommend setting a budget that aligns with the scope and scale of your branding needs, while also considering the long-term value that a well-crafted brand identity will bring to your business.

How long does naming and branding take?

Our standard branding engagement lasts anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. We can name a company in under 2 weeks, but every situation is different depending on your needs and budget.

Do you offer free advice?

Of course! We love helping business understand the complex world of naming and branding. We regularly offer complimentary Naming 101 sessions to people who are interested in naming or renaming their company. Even if you choose to work with another naming agency, we’ll take you through our engaging education process. That’s how strongly we believe in helping businesses find the right name.

What does the name Trust Deep mean?

We build three levels of relationship between brands and customers (people know you, like you and trust you).

The first level, the customer knows you exist. Consumers know many brands in your category, but ignore most of them. We make sure you stand out and are considered when they are forming their purchase decisions.

The second level, you’ve created a positive impression with the customer and they like you. You’ve worked your way into their heart, but the relationship is still transactional, meaning it’s based on an exchange of money for a service or product. We help businesses make these positive impressions, showing the value you offer.

The third level, the deepest level is a relationship where your brand has true meaning to your customers – you’ve developed trust. When you build trust-deep relationships, you create a foundation for lasting loyalty. You become more than a product or service to that customer. We do this by showing people that you and they have something in common, like shared beliefs, values, purpose or mission.

We named our agency Trust Deep because we focus on helping businesses create trust-deep relationships, relationships that go deeper than them just knowing you or liking you.

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