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Why Our Branding Results are Different

    Why Our Branding Results are Different

    Trust Deep approaches branding from an entirely different perspective. We’ve designed our process to improve society one relationship at a time. No exaggeration, we’re committed to changing the world through trust. Our expertise happens to be understanding connections between brands and their customers, so that’s where we focus.

    Our key differentiator is our process, which merges the best practices of verbal communication with an understanding of the science of your customer’s brain, which biologically is exactly like yours and mine.

    Another difference is that we don’t create a brand for you. We create a brand with you. That’s the only way we work because it’s the most efficient way to build an authentic and trustworthy brand. You’ll receive all the documents and functional pieces from our collaboration to guide your business forward, confidently creating deep connections with customers, employees, and colleagues.

    The value business founders and leaders get from working with us comes from our process, shaped by more than 20 years of industry experience. Together, we will find, define, and articulate your brand’s DNA in ways that trigger gut-level actions from your customers. 

    Remember, decisions aren’t made analytically, they’re always emotional, born deep in the brain’s limbic system. The rational part of your brain only confirms the decision once that decision has already been made. Yes, your brain is playing mind games on you. But it has to. If you want to know why, click the link at the end of this video.

    Working with Trust Deep, you will discover the key to getting your customers to take action by aligning their beliefs with yours. Taking action requires more than a brand meeting someone’s needs. Lots of brands meet needs. It’s more than touting the specs or details of your product. The rational brain pays attention to these things, but unfortunately, the rational brain can’t make decisions or push your customer to action. The brain just doesn’t work that way. You have to influence the part of the brain that wants to believe in your brand, with 83% of US consumers saying trust is a deal breaker.

    We are experts at helping you make your business grounding principles – your beliefs – real to your customers through a simple equation we call see plus say plus do. You’ll come away knowing how to build lasting trust through your image and visual identity, how you communicate, and how you and your employees interact with each other and your customers. It’s an image backed by substance built on your core differentiators.

    Would you like to see how we can make your brand more trustable? Email us at or contact us!