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Northstar Resort

The Northstar California mountain is a luxury resort acquired by Vail Resorts in 2010. With amazing facilities, we knew we could elevate Northstar; it just needed a story to tell.

Northstar Resort

The Northstar California mountain, acquired by Vail Resorts in 2010, occupies an interesting space in the luxury resort category. For most of its history, it’s been very adequate. And “adequate” isn’t something sought after by the high-net worth individuals who live just a few hours’ drive away.

Many of those guests routinely fly out to prestigious resorts like Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, and Park City – all owned by Vail – ignoring the charms of close by Northstar. But with amazing facilities, we knew we could elevate Northstar to be a brilliant high-Sierra jewel in the parent company’s crown. The resort just needed a story to tell.

The most valuable object a mountain can offer its affluent guests isn’t backcountry powder or luxurious après-ski. It’s time – undisturbed moments with the people who matter to you, away from daily life. So we rebuilt the brand’s foundational documents on this concept, which was supported by extensive research that showed the target was struggling to break free from their busy lives.

Our brand platform and content-creation guide evoked an iconic place where time is slowed down and captured through memories made. We also applied this time-focused messaging system to the resort’s signature products and services, using it to build value into tangible resort attributes: less time in lines, once-in-a-lifetime bespoke experiences, on-trail champagne service – signature moments that create memories within memories. Our work included brand pillars, promise, manifesto, attributes, audience description, language guide, brand voice and copy guide.

60%+ engagement increase
20% YOY ROI increase

After our work, the brand reported a 60%+ increase in social media engagement rates and double that in website traffic and transactions. Digital media immediately resulted in 20% YOY increase in both engagement and ROI.