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What’s a human brand?

A human brand is relatable, transparent and driven by a purpose. Profit is not its focus, rather creating value for customers is its focus – which translates into profitability. Human brands care about their customers’ emotional and functional needs. They are honest, and strive to act trustworthy.

We believe deeply in trust. Actually, we’re pioneering a new way to help brands become more trustworthy by building four pillars into their branding and communications: credibility, track record, empathy and alignment of interests. Saying you’re trustworthy doesn’t work. Proclaiming that trust is one of your core values doesn’t cut it. Only trustworthy action can create trust. And trust creates loyalty.

The “first impression” factor

Instantly evokes a brand’s ability to deliver on its promise. Based on character and competency.

The only element built over time

Based on actions, not words. Helps consumers try new brands by easing “decision friction.”

The most powerful element of trust

Created by validating people and their needs. Demonstrated by a simple action: deep listening.

Transforms brand perception and meaning

A critical component in lasting loyalty. Based on shared beliefs, goals and values.

Our brand development agency focuses on helping brands do more than just generate awareness with the goal of increasing sales. We work to create lasting connections between brands and people.

We’ve built our processes and beliefs based on our cumulative work in the space over decades. And while we see that marketers are keenly aware of loyalty’s importance, many don’t understand how it’s actually created. To help brands work more efficiently, we’ve developed a 4-part framework, The Trust Dynamic.

The Trust Dynamic allows any brand to tap the power of how the human mind makes decisions in order to form deeper connections.

To attain long-term loyalty, brands must connect with consumers on an emotional level (scientifically speaking, there is no other way). You have to make people feel a positive impact from your brand.

Our human insights-driven strategy focuses on helping build trustworthiness by uncovering two critical components:
– What factors have the most emotional influence to consumers about brands in your category
– What can your brand do better than most to deliver what matters to people
We uncover these insights working directly with our clients – through conversations, brand workshops and ongoing consulting. No matter the method, the solution always involves lots of listening on our part. That’s really the secret. And of course, asking the right questions.

  • Brand Analysis & Audit
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Architecture

A great name makes a positive first impression for your brand. It makes people feel something. It tells them what you do, why you do it, or how you do it – and sometimes all three. Well- thought out names create positive associations. It’s that simple. But coming up with a great name is anything but simple – that’s why a top naming agency like Trust Deep exists.

To create names that stand out, you have to understand words, phonemes, roots, the feeling people have when pronouncing it, and wild creativity to put together something that is ownable, memorable, strategically aligned and most important, meaningful.

We love words. We love names. One member of our team spent Saturday afternoons as a kid reading encyclopedias for fun. And it was worth every second of it. Why? Because when done correctly, brand naming creates one of the powerful forces in the universe – the thing by which you are known.

  • Company Naming
  • Brand Renaming
  • Startup Naming
  • Product & Service Naming
  • Clinical Trial Naming
  • Trademark Search
  • Naming Architecture & Guidelines

A brand’s visual identity – its logo, color palette, typography, use of photography or illustration – can cut through the visual noise of our overstimulated world. Our skill is creating visual identity that is both eye-catching and 100% aligned with a brand’s ethos.

The Trust Deep design team can help launch your new business, or re-envision an existing one, creating visual identity to increase awareness in online spaces, as well as in physical ones.

  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide Development
  • Web & Social Media Design
  • Packaging & Retail Space Design

Executives and business leaders need to deliver inspiring and clear communications, whether one-on-one or in front of an audience of thousands. We provide personalized strategic communications support and development, capturing your unique voice and values.

Think about this – visionaries need to communicate that vision to the people who are going to help them achieve great things. Trust Deep has many years of experience working with CEOs, executives and business leaders to crystalize their message and deliver it with impact. We help high achievers set goals, understand their audiences, find and refine their voice, develop hard-hitting messages, and create large-scale corporate campaigns.

  • Communication Strategy
  • Speech Writing
  • Board Communications
  • Investor Pitches
  • Thought-Leadership Content
  • Voice Discovery
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