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    Science can create music, but it can’t help you appreciate it. Here’s how we helped a groundbreaking audio gear maker find its humanity and create award-winning content along the way.


    For decades Bose was known as maker of high-end audio equipment, a brand built on scientific research – but lacking humanity. Our assessment was the brand felt two-dimensional, a cardboard cut-out of what it could be. We saw an opportunity to elevate Bose from its perch as an R&D organization to a cultural icon, one that deeply connects people to the entertainment they love.

    Over the course of several years, through brand development, digital and social activation and strategic leadership, we helped Bose turn the corner and begin to realize its potential from a customer experience perspective. Our work included creating a launch plan for SoundTouch, the brand’s whole-house speaker system. Working within a limited budget, we created a groundbreaking, immersive product exploration experience. See program results below.

    Another achievement for this client was creating the brand’s first social media guidelines, defining its audiences, its purpose in the space and the types of content and partnerships that would help achieve its stated goals.

    Lastly, we created the Game Changer campaign to leverage the brand’s NFL partnership. The work included hundreds of video and social media elements from dozens of on-location shoots with NFL players and coaches. We directed the video on location and directed the editing of the video work.

    Our vision and work humanized Bose because we successfully built on the technology story the brand has spent 50 years telling.

    NFL Video Campaign
    Winner Clio Sports Bronze

    Gamechanger Anthem Spot
    1.6MM Views (22% organic) 6.3X greater organic lift than partner benchmarks

    SoundTouch Digital Experience
    4X greater engagement