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Collins Aerospace

    What can you do with just four letters? With the right mindset, the sky is the limit. Here’s how we created an ownable, evocative name for an aerospace powerhouse …

    Izon, by

    Collins Aerospace

    Collins Aerospace has forged a deep legacy in aviation and communication history, from providing radio communication for Admiral Byrd’s exploration of the South Pole to making GPS a reality. As they prepared to launch their next innovation, Trust Deep’s Creative Director, Stace Caseria, was chosen to name the new business aviation platform. The name had to quickly convey the system’s promise – its ability to provide total, real-time fleet visibility. It had to be short and memorable. And it had to showcase the brand as a leader in the space, one in touch with what matters most to its customers.

    During the rapid name development process, Stace immersed himself in everything aviation. Merging that new knowledge and what he gleaned from audience research, he knew that many aviation fleet operators and pilots have spent time in the military, and used that angle to connect to key product benefits. A common phrase for military personnel is “eyes on,” as in to “have eyes on a target.” This means the personnel have awareness and intelligence on a given object. This nugget of insight helped him craft a memorable name that helped tell the product’s story, and Izon was born.

    Izon is memorable, evocative and short – all the hallmarks of a good name. But further, it manages to be unique, and therefore ownable, without sounding contrived. This is an incredible feat in a language with only 1,000,000 words, but 7,000,000 trademarked names.