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What can you do with just four letters? With the right mindset, the sky is the limit. Here’s how we created an ownable, evocative name for an aerospace powerhouse …

Medipost is a leader in stem cell research and regenerative medicine, working to help patients with incurable diseases.  

To launch their North American division, the company leadership wanted a new brand that conveyed the spirit of their mission, namely, more humanity. Medipost is what we call a descriptive name, and as that, it works well. But to telegraph their mission to improve the quality of lives and patients with unmet medical needs, the new name would need to create meaning beyond a description of Medipost’s work. 

Our job was to create that sense of meaning by conceiving a new name that succinctly captured not just the work Medipost does but the results they achieve, the benefits people feel because of Medipost’s technology, and the connection they share with the company an alignment of interests.

We worked closely with Medipost’s leadership team. They knew they wanted their new name to convey eternal life. They described their value proposition as helping people live longer, healthier, and younger. So we just needed a name expressing the ability to create eternal life or youth in the highly regulated field of innovative cellular medicines where we could not overpromise a result. 

The name’s genesis is from two languages – Italian and Hawaiian. While duo is a very recognizable word in English, meaning a pair, its origin is Italian, and further back from Latin (meaning two), Opio means youth and young in Hawaiian. We used the shared “o” in the center of the word to create a compound word that flowed naturally and gave it the meaning of “double life” or “second youth” to express the brand’s aim to use its stem cell research to extend the lives of patients. The benefit is that our clients can have an ownable name that doesn’t sound contrived.

Duopio’s number of vowels makes it feel soft when spoken and easy to pronounce. And it’s easy to remember, spell, and express graphically on digital or printed assets.