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our purpose is to improve brand impact through more effective communication

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.“

Image built
on substance

Declaring a brand’s purpose is a powerful thing as long as its genuinely connected to who the brand is. Here’s the truth we share with clients: we believe every living brand already has a purpose that is important and meaningful that connects deeply with the right people. These people, when treated properly, have the capacity to remain loyal customers forever and ever, amen.

Activate your

Discovering your brand’s purpose is incredibly valuable since it may be the one thing setting you apart from other brands in your space. But finding gems and holding them in our pockets does not bring us riches. A brand’s purpose multiplies in power once demonstrated through actions.

thrive on trust

Relationships can be rewarding whether between friends, co-workers, corporate leadership, or even between people and brands. Every relationship can be dramatically improved through purposeful connections which make trust possible. When we build genuine trust, we create relationships we can cherish.

Positioning is

  • When branding, rebranding or growing your brand, well-defined positioning will guide you to:
  • a meaningful brand name that does the work of millions of dollars of advertising
  • visual identity that connects instantly with your audience
  • clarity on the story your brand wants to tell
  • the right people to hire, products to offer, and where best to offer them


Great brands connect deeper than just being a product or service, i.e. transactional relationships. They create meaning via a shared mission or belief; this is what we call alignment of interests in our Trust Dynamic. When we are committed to a common vision or purpose, we transcend individual preferences or challenges.

Brand guides enable success

A business plan is valuable and may shape processes, but a brand guide is the roadmap that will shape both behavior and attitudes of the people who really matter to your success – your employees and your customers. Brands that own their category are able to do so because they have brand buy-in at every level.

Consumers need validation

Employees are your brand

When your purpose is clear and memorable enough, everyone in your organization should be able to speak it from memory. People will interpret it differently. That’s ok. But the overall thrust should be evident. Your brand is your business. Your business is your brand.

Purpose guides progress

When committing your purpose to paper keep it tangible, related to what you do, and 80% attainable, 20% aspirational. And keep it at the forefront of everything you do. Here’s our agency’s purpose: To help individuals and business to connect more deeply by creating mutual trust, with the intention of improving society one relationship at a time.

Make people feel

Science tells us that only our emotions – not reason – can make us take action. The part of the brain that controls decisions isn’t affected by logic. It can’t process logic, or math, or even words. If you want to influence a purchase decision, make people feel something positive. Happy, hopeful, inspired, self-confident, safe, thankful, amused, proud, altruistic, pleasantly surprised, or being loved are all good options.

Aim for loyalty

Your customers have slotted your brand into one of these buckets:
• They know you
• They like you
• They trust you
The key to lasting customer relationships is loyalty, and loyalty comes through trustworthiness. The way to get there is to demonstrate it through actions, to build it into your positioning, your visual identity, your name. Trust begins internally, with ourselves, building self-confidence and alignment between our values and our behavior.