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Wide Open Roads

    That one time when Ford kept a quarter of a million people waiting for their new ride, and how we capitalized on the opportunity to launch a clothing brand …

    Wide Open Roads

    Wide Open Roads was born in-house at Trust Deep out of an automaker’s manufacturing delay. Back in July of 2020, Ford re-launched the legendary Bronco. Response was incredible with over 200,000 units reserved the first month (we ordered one right after the reveal!). But more than a year later, thanks to the pandemic, supply shortages and manufacturing issues, no Broncos had been delivered. Thousands of fans, looking for satisfy their Bronco hunger were left with little information and nothing to do other than come together online in forums.

    To capture pent up enthusiasm, we created the Wide Open Roads brand to produce Bronco-inspired outdoor gear. The brand celebrates exploration of our country’s natural beauty via road trips with a positive attitude that anything is possible, the future is wide open. In addition to the product designs done in-house and visual and verbal identity, we maintain the brand’s e-commerce shop and social media platforms where Wide Open Roads has built a strong following.

    500,000+ impressions since launch
    $3.75 CPM impressions
    3.5% conversion
    25% higher conversion than industry average