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Realty Mogul

    A perfect example of how brand presentation drastically alters your ability to attract the perfect customer. And a heads up: If Jillian Helman is chasing an opportunity, follow her …

    Realty Mogul

    Realty Mogul, a fintech pioneer, had blazed a path early in its existence, inventing an entirely new real estate investment category. The insight that led to RealtyMogul’s founding came from CEO Jillian Helman’s work in wealth management where she saw three commonalities across her wealthiest clients: They were real estate investors, their income wasn’t correlated to time spent working, and they focused on generating passive cash flow through their real estate holdings. These were investors who had access to large apartment and office real estate deals. And that was the idea, give “regular” people access to same commercial real estate deals, the kind which were previously available only to well-connected institutional investors.

    Early on the brand leaned heavily on the idea of “crowdfunding” which indexed high on “access” but detracted from the premium feel the founder wanted. Instead of targeting the HNWI the brand wanted, it’s messaging cast a net too wide.

    Returning to the idea of access, the work recrafted the brand’s platform, addressing the weaknesses and leveling up the exclusivity. We focused on the elements that stood out to the ideal target’s ambition and risk tolerance, without being overly aggressive or arrogant.

    The brand we created was elegant, refined, empowering and had a touch more edge to it, acknowledging the accomplishments of the target investor. We created taglines, and brand and messaging platforms, the site’s new copy and an email campaign.

    RealtyMogul has grown to a $4-billion commercial real estate investing platform, often cited as a category leader in the US. It’s a powerful idea that now clicks with the right investors. Our re-branding efforts helped fine-tune RealtyMogul’s positioning, contributing to their growth.