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    Here is a mission driven brand that walked the walk, they just didn’t talk the talk loudly enough. We helped them speak up, building a digital and social presence …


    There are some clients that absolutely inspire you through their concern for the world around them. Our client, the founder at Innovo, has built his brokerage around the Triple Bottom Line accounting practice. This means his social and environmental performance is just as important as his financial performance (people, planet, profit).

    It’s easy to get jaded as lifelong marketers, but these guys walk the talk. So how do you make the world take notice when the man behind some very, very generous initiatives is hesitant to take credit or stand in the spotlight?

    During the brand development process, we codified Innovo’s beliefs and values, being sure to set out the brand’s differentiators beyond the tactical or service oriented. Generally we would encourage clients to bring their brand purpose to life through messaging and actions, but Innovo was already living it. However, they weren’t talking about it.

    We began infusing their values through all of their communications – lead generation campaigns, owned channels, social, podcast appearances and more.

    4X CTR over industry average

    Today, Innovo has a cohesive brand architecture that accurately represents what they stand for, how they show up and their unique ability to meet client needs. For us, this is the truest articulation of brand development – what they do better than anyone else at the intersection of what people need from them to live and work in a better world.

    A recent naming project led to the creation of a sub brand which helped productize a new service offering. Our recommendation was to keep the name descriptive versus being evocative or overly clever. The service name had to work well with Innovo, giving the master brand prominence. Total HR expresses the all-encompassing nature of the product, giving customers confidence that the service could either replace their own in-house efforts or support capabilities as needed.

    We have also helped the brand launch a content-focused retargeting campaign, which drove 4 times better response than industry average.