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Case Studies

Realty Mogul

    A perfect example of how brand presentation drastically alters your ability to attract the perfect customer. And a heads up: If Jillian Helman is chasing an opportunity, follow her …


      Science can create music, but it can’t help you appreciate it. Here’s how we helped a groundbreaking audio gear maker find its humanity and create award-winning content along the way.


        Many have discovered: a great idea is not the same as a sellable idea. Ark needed a simplified way to describe it visually and verbally – they needed brand development.


          Act 1: Helping one of the world’s best- known airlines raise awareness and research dollars for breast cancer. Act 2: Helping the airline improve the state of air travel …

          Cap’t Loui

            Cap’t Loui is an innovative casual dining concept melding cultures and tastes. The chain has been expanding quickly, but in the absence of any brand platform, standards or guiding principles.


              Here is a mission driven brand that walked the walk, they just didn’t talk the talk loudly enough. We helped them speak up, building a digital and social presence …

              Collins Aerospace

                What can you do with just four letters? With the right mindset, the sky is the limit. Here’s how we created an ownable, evocative name for an aerospace powerhouse …


                  Our branding platform, “How do you aperitif?” signaled to trendy women that this was more than a refreshing low alcohol drink, it was an experience to be shared with friends.

                  Northstar Resort

                    The Northstar California mountain is a luxury resort acquired by Vail Resorts in 2010. With amazing facilities, we knew we could elevate Northstar; it just needed a story to tell.


                      We infused a sense of humanity, a specialty of ours, to express the reasons behind the technology and the brand’s desire to make life better for all people on Earth.